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Logistics for Outdoor Events

If you're a restauranteur or boutique hotel looking to expand into the lucrative Wedding / Event business in Northern California, a Winery with event space, hoping to expand into larger events Townsend can help with specific aspects of planning, marketing, and logistics management. Developing a profitable Events Venue requires insight and experience into the nuances of successful execution of an event. Experience counts. After more than two decades of hospitality management in San Francisco and the Monterey Peninsula David Townsend, in the past few years, has managed or helped in coordinating more than 100 weddings and other special events at one of California's 'premier event sites.'

Breaking into Weddings

Beyond the legal aspects of permits and licensing one key to success in developing an Event Venue is hiring someone who knows how to handle planning, marketing, and execution of events as well as set up procedure to protect your property and reputation. Dealing with a dozen 'team-players' in the event process requires know-how, foresight, and time-management and people skills to create a successful event space.

Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering- Starry Starry Nights
Food prep for a large catering event

Catering at Outdoor Venues

Off-site catering in many venues around Nevada County, and likely most Northern California Venues, there are essential requirements in off-site catering which demand unique skills, equipment, and staffing that vary depending on the venue and type of service you wish to provide.

Full-Service Catering, required by most State Parks, Wineries, and private venues expect the Caterer to do most of the heavy lifting, as well as preparing the meal. This means extra staffing for set-up and break-down of tables and some décor in most cases. If you want to break into the premium catering field, you will need help in setting up an operational plan.

Towns-End can help with specific aspects of planning, marketing, and setting up some of the logistics to avoid the pitfalls. Managing the parking of 100 cars to restroom rentals and working with a dozen vendors requires time-management and task-specific planning.

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