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Styling & Lighting

Styling and dynamic lighting make food photography impressive and seductive in your social media or print presentation.


Photography Styling for Social Media & Print

The restaurant menu is the most important tool of a great marketing plan. Create a distinctive visual style for your menu with food photography that captures your brand, the essence of your menu. Let us elevate your culinary creations with our expert styling for daily or weekly social media sites and print advertising.

Lighting Techniques

Drawing from my Fine Arts education in theater lighting, I explore the art of lighting in food photography to bring out ingredient textures, colors, and seductive details. My lighting strategies will make your food images stand out on a phone screen or a magazine page.

Food Styling

Twenty-five plus years in Fine Dining and Gourmet Foods, I have a chef's training to tell your story for the best food presentation of your menu.

Artistic Direction
David B Townsend

Artistic direction services guide the visual narrative of your food photography, aligning it with your brand identity and marketing goals. David's 25 years of experience in restaurant ownership/management in fine dining is the cornerstone of his ingenious approach to food presentation. This wealth of experience allows him to expertly stage or plate food, showcasing both its visual appeal and the quality of ingredients. Lighting becomes a sculpturing tool to attract viewers to explore further into your messaging.

Menu Consultations

Having spent decades in fine dining, I've developed menus based on factors such as locally sourced ingredients, guest preferences, and quality of the presentation. I offer coaching on revamping or creating a new menu to produce loyalty and profitability. 

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