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Visual Marketing- how you tell your Story

~Food Styling & Photography,
~Menu Design / Descriptions
~Web Content Writing Development

          'Visual Marketing'  is a concept that incorporates all the visual communication tools into 'Branding' of your foodservice/hospitality operation.  As a tactic to highlight your best qualities, Townsend creates your 'brand' by focusing on food styling, or room staging to create fine-photography, and compelling copy writing to 'tell your story' in social media and web design & content. Building a conscious design in your presentations; from food on the plate, menu layout/graphics, color choices, to the complete 'look' of your space- all contribute to marketing and creating a 'Brand' for your restaurant. With an eye for design, in every element of visual and verbal communications,  Townsend brings a critical eye and attention to detail with the experience to pull it all together into an impactful operational process.

These are Lemons

This is a Story about Lemons

Your Visuals need to tell a Story 

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