Visual Marketing is my forte.  The integrity of design and communicating a 'brand' requires defining a niche, fine-tuning your message through imagery and written word.    A niche makes your business unique and first in name recognition.  Through graphics, photos, and words, I 'tell your story,'  and define your niche.  Stories in print or social media must wow your guests or casual viewer.  Telling great stories through fine photography creates the desire for a guest to walk in your door and share your vision.
       Branding involves everything you present, from your website Landing Page to the plated food you present in your dining room. You need a unique 'visual presence.' Does your website match the look of the food presentation at the table or on your catering buffet?  Do your social media sites use great photos to show off daily specials, or are they 'just OK' to get out there as quickly as possible?  Just as a POS system is critical to track your sales and cash flow, a marketing plan needs to include methods for creating your message through photos, descriptions, and general content you put out on the Web.     

       My insight comes from years of experience; some failures and many achievements in successful organizations. I have opened and revamped numerous restaurants and a gourmet foods market.  I offer an opportunity to learn from that knowledge. I work with you, one on one, to highlight your distinction by focusing on visual marketing, primarily through food photography, and design decisions in graphics, web design, and creative copy-writing.   I bring an eye for design, experience, and a passion for hospitality to meet today's dining expectations. Since I'm seasoned in food-service, I also bring service insights from a decade in 'fine-dining.' If you value that king of insight, I can help you bring your vision to reality.


      I take road trips a few times a year if you're in California and want to get in on some new marketing of your Boutique hotel, B&B or restaurant.  I take photos, write on my blog, and we get to become friends possibly.-  Details


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Branding - Creative Direction / Styling of your Visual Marketing, Ambiance, Hospitality

Logistics - Coaching for 'Excellence in Service'  and proven Management Procedures to build guest loyalty






Projects & Places I have been involved:

Swan Levine House-  Grass Valley Historic Inn  (photos and new website)

Nevada County Grown- Bounty for the County 2018

North Star House

Wheyward Girl Creamery

Antonio Ayestarán Custom Catering- (photos and new website)

California State Parks-Empire Mine SHP

Flyer's Energy, Auburn, CA

Monte Vista Market, Monterey

Mediterranean Market, Carmel

Piatti, Carmel

Zig Zag, Carmel

Oasis Nightclub, San Jose

The Half Shell Restaurant, San Francisco

Calzones, San Francisco

Nob Hill at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco

Café Majestic, Hotel Majestic, San Francisco

Old Bath House Restaurant, Pacific Grove



Project Fees & Schedule of Services:

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                                         food styling: David B Townsend,  Antonio Ayestarán  *

             * Recent Projects- Facebook, and Instagram posts- food styling by respective chefs of each operation

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