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   As a consultant, I support a restaurant owner in providing an objective view of operations and marketing. I have an eye for detail and a record of success in every aspect of serving food. Having worked mostly in fine-dining, from a Nob Hill hotel, catering services, gourmet foods market, and as casual as C-Store fast-foods, I have seen the spectrum of foodservice operations. I bring a perspective of creative direction in food trends, visual marketing, and knowledge as to how to build relationships with vendors, staff, and investors to fulfill your vision.
  Finalizing a restaurant concept in today's real-world consumer-driven market should involve looking for a comprehensive plan that includes off-site meals, plus aiming for an exceptional standard of service as highlights of your brand?  I design custom food programs to create a home meal replacement plan which works within your existing restaurant, deli, coffee shop.


   As a seasoned restauratuer, I have the experience and insight of decades you can draw upon to create a successful operation. I have worked in the ranks of some innovative and successful restaurants on the Monterey Peninsula and San Francisco.

  Based near Sacramento, I focus on assisting with foodservice concepts for the ever-changing marketplace.  Having developed a plan for utilizing downtime and given resources, I bring a program to restaurants, coffee houses, and even deli operators to increase sales while providing locals the convenience of your signature menu items on a take-home meal replacement.  It generates cash flow, reduced waste, and improves your marketing through being to place to pick up a quick restaurant prepared meal.   Once a program has begun, we market the concept through food styling/photography, menu presentation, packaging, and convenience.

    I work throughout the West, mostly the Sierras of California. I travel as required for training, menu development, photo-shoots, and installations. However, I offer cost-effective rates when working remotely with on-line updates for concept and general consultations. This streamlined approach means innovative use of time and financial resources on your part.




D.B.Townend- Queer Eye, Design, Styling

Projects & Places I have been involved:

Grass Valley Downtown Association

Retail and Restaurant photos for Holiday Facebook/Instagram Ad Campaign

Swan Levine House-  Grass Valley Historic Inn  (photos and new website)

Nevada County Grown- Bounty for the County 2018

North Star House

Antonio Ayestarán Custom Catering- (photos and new website)

California State Parks-Empire Mine SHP

Flyer's Energy, Auburn, CA

Monte Vista Market, Monterey

Mediterranean Market, Carmel

Piatti, Carmel

Zig Zag, Carmel

Oasis Nightclub, San Jose

The Half Shell Restaurant, San Francisco

Calzones, San Francisco

Nob Hill at the Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco

Café Majestic, Hotel Majestic, San Francisco

Old Bath House Restaurant, Pacific Grove



Project Fees & Schedule of Services:

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