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Townsend's Consulting-Fee

Updated: May 3

    There are several ways in which I could work to get your operation back on track to better profitability. If you are a Nevada County, CA business ask me about 'trade' rates. I will waiver cash payments, in many circumstances, for traded meals or services. Generally I like to work on a Project Basis, so we can define a goal and set benchmarks along the path.


~ Hourly Consulting~

In-person advising and brainstorming, time doing specified tasks: i.e. photo shoots, meeting with vendors, server training /seminars. A chance to begin a working relationship.

~ Advisory Consulting~

When you seek advice but need to clarify and define the project or goal Advisory Consulting, or Coaching works through an initial retainer and scheduled meetings in person based on hourly fees. We move forward, at a pace comfortable for you, implementing changes in your operation. Hourly rates apply for on-site troubleshooting and in-person consulting. We can also work through email/phone support at a reduced rate.

~ Project / Strategic Planning~

Depending on the scope of your project, It can take a few weeks to a few months to plan and implement per-determined improvements that need to be accomplished within a specified time frame.

We define and outline the goals, set measurable milestones, and agree on a plan. Project planning can include stock photos, new graphics, menu design/layouts, and copywriting for web and brochure communications.


     Project planning can include:

New Menu Development

Website Upgrades- WIX site development

Menu Execution / Plate Presentations

On-site service training

Food styling & photography

Hotel room photography

     Overview of Consulting Services: 

Marketing Plan Review

Image Communications - Stock Photos/ Graphics

Banquet Marketing & Logistics- Events Coordination

Improving Standards of Service- training seminars


My fees run $125/hour or $750./day- where travel is required.

Remote /Home-office rates for 'ongoing projects' are 95/hr.

(**)- fees/projects are always negotiable

** within 100 miles- no travel charge

updated May 2024


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