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The Role of Great Photography in Branding

Your 'Brand' communicates your value and appeal to a potential guest. Let them know what makes your business unique. If you're known for comfort food, like the best Mac & Cheese you need to show it with a steaming close up. Serving hefty portions? A tightly cropped thick-cut pork chop tells your story better than long-shot of meat on a plate with all the fix in's. Use descriptive wording in your menus and advertising or web-page content.

If your hotel serves breakfast is there a signature item to highlight your specialty?

Do you exceed normal expectations? How you convey this in your advertising and social marketing is mostly based on visual communications.

A great photograph is your key to telling a story, a call to action. It has to be thought out, well presented and well lit. It's important to develop a message that reflects your business as distinctly different from your competitors. From Decor, color scheme, uniforms, signage, and great photographs you need to reveal your 'brand' in every element of your marketing.

An recent (2016) article in ADWEEK from Jessica Hubacher notes this about using great photos in your advertising and web design: " It’s also important to recognize that there are different types of photography. At the outset, you should focus on choosing the right tone for your campaign. Do you want dramatic, artistic content that looks like it came from an expensive recipe book, or relatable, family-friendly photography that could have come from your target audience’s Facebook friend? There are obvious merits in both, but you need to know which look you’re going for.".

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