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Road Trips- get in on a discount shoot

Get in on one of my road trips and save up to 50% on a room/lobby or food photo shoot.

Several times each year I take road trips and book clients along the way for a one or two-day photo shoot. My trips revolve around stopping at your locale, and we create a portfolio of 'stock' hotel room and lobby shots as well as food shots to highlight your restaurant or buffer food services. It's a great way to capture some new images for your marketing, and I work for a reduced fee (50% off) as long as the room and dinner are including in the booking. My range is generally up and down the California Highway 5 corridor, or along highway One in either direction. If you have a new marketing goal and would like to be in on my next road trip, contact me to discuss our possibly working together. I can work in your off-season, so you're not losing a room booking, but gaining a new marketing tool. or use the Contact Form.

Bixby Bridge- Big Sur along Highway One

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