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Modern Appeal at the Ol'Republic Roadhouse in the Sierra Foothills

[ since this was written, they have closed (Oct 2019) siting the uncertainty of future since three weeks of major power outages from PG&E in Fall of 2019]

At the old five-mile house, a historic building up Highway 20 just out of Nevada City, the place has found a great local niche in pub food and a multitude of local brews.

Over the years the building has seen a variety of operations, including lodging, stagecoach stop, even illegal pot growing a decade ago. After the restaurant '5-Mile House closed a few years ago, it has sat empty. The new owners have really brought the place back into modern appeal. A great bar, high tables, and seating which begs for family and friends to gather and talk. The menu is in constant change with some regular items like their burger, sausage sandwiches: i.e. Brats, Kielbasa, Italian, or various meat dishes.

I opted for the Sausage Sandwich with Arugula Salad and spicy mustard with grilled onions. A great late winter lunch- warm and spicy. They have been featuring Fish N' Chips on Fridays, and always have a selection of Pizzas, salads, and their now infamous Pretzels and house-made breads. They are also featuring oysters and caviar from time to time, so there are always new items to explore. If you check out their website or posts to Facebook, you can see the daily menus.

The bar has full liquor for some classic cocktails as well as 25 of there own Beers plus another half dozen 'guest brews' from California brewers. And a fair wine selection. The going fare for a local 'gourmet burger' is about 15 bucks, and they are right in that category with a great side salad or house-made chips. Prices are reasonable for the area, and the crowds all seem to be having a great time on every visit I've dropped by. Check it out soon.

originally written and published for TripAdvisor.

Sausage Sandwich
Saugae Sandwich with Grilled Onions and Whole Grain Mustard
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