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Branding- your uniqueness visualized

~Food Styling, Presentation, Signature Menu Design
~Menu and Service Execution
~Visual Branding on Social Media

        Branding separates you from your competitors.  A 'Brand' communicates your worth and appeal to a potential guest.  What makes a business unique within the community?'  In food-service it usually comes a signature menu item: the best Mac & Cheese, or 'best damn pork chop in town.' It can be the theme or decor: sports bar, events venue, 50's retro.  How you convey this in your advertising and social marketing is mostly based on visual messages. 

        If part of your foodservice involves a dedicated 'to go' food merchandising case, then you are already on the forefront what many believe will be a core of food sales, even in typical sit-down restaurants. Branding a home meal replacement program requires the use of great visual updates on social media to create immediate interest in daily specials or new items.

        Professional food photography takes your branding and marketing from average to awesome and increases sales.  It is also reflected through your graphics,  color choices, uniforms, and style of service. Furthermore, you cannot rely on your phone and single-source lighting to produce a quality photo that exemplifies what you have to show.

      It's essential to develop a message that reflects your business as distinct from your competitors. The secret to great 'branding' is understanding that your uniqueness does not come from just one or two messages or marketing device.  It certainly helps to have beautifully designed menus and great meal presentations, but 'Service' is the one distinction you can directly influence on a daily, even hourly basis. Service is the Key. No matter your concept, if you serve great food, good entertainment, have the largest TV screens in town, if service sucks, you have a problem.

       In addition to creating visual marketing, Townsend can help you bring fine-dining techniques to the forefront through service training. In conjunction with creative copy-writing, photography, and attention to details to build your 'Brand.'  


  •      Integrate  Brand & Practices   

  •     Food Photography & Styling

  •     Visual Marketing / Content — Photo, Video, Graphics

  •     Identity Message & Logo Design

  •     Menu Design & Descriptions

  •     E-commerce Content Design & Development

  •     Content Strategy & Messaging- Copy-writing   

  •     Packaging Design

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