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Sierra Foothills- Grass Valley, CA

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Sierra Foothills- Grass Valley, CA

Reno, Truckee, Sacramento


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      I have helped many owners clarify their ideas, develop menus, implement catering programs, and direct them in team-building professional service staff. Having decades in food-service: from 5-star dining of the Mark-Hopkins Hotel to Pizza restaurants of North Beach, from a gourmet food market in Carmel to simple, fast food service in C-store outlets, I've seen the spectrum of food-service. 

       I coach, create, design, observe, mentor, and implement change in various restaurant and hotel food-service businesses. I have three decades in restaurant management and partnerships. My services help you actualize your vision by understanding that all aspects of an operation are related. I examine Staff training, procedures, and marketing from a systems approach to integrate a cohesive operational system. Changing one aspect can bring both good or bad influences on all other parts of a successful restaurant. 



     If you need a coach to identify your blind spots, evade pitfalls, make better decisions that will grow your business more strategically, I am here to help.

​              Visual Marketing  ~

    Concept ~ Branding ~ Logistics


Web Content ~ Copy Writing ~ Food Photography/Styling ~ Menu Design

Now What?

   Operations of any foodservice have altered as no one could have predicted with COVID-19 closing restaurants for indoor dining. Take-out became a necessity but requires a new approach to your menu for holding quality and travel times to consider.


   Many new considerations will affect your new business model. New ordering systems, new seating arrangements, and packaged meals all need to be planned and executed quickly.  I can help you design and execute new menu options and logistics.  



My Core Mission
To share my knowledge in F&B business practices which will bring in new customers, increase guest loyalty, and increase guest check average through better service and visually appealing, effective marketing.

New Reality, not  Trends in Food-Service
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Visual Marketing, Social Media, Convenience, Take-Out Foods- Are you ready?


           Restaurants have been moving toward a marketing plan to include guest conveniences not known a decade ago. Casual Dining, as an alternative to fast food, is being redesigned by the consumer. People are looking for convenience, and don't want to cook or have time to dine out. They want quick service, yet better quality food. The new realities involve ordering ahead for a sit-down meal or convenient pick-up, fully prepared take-out meals, and delivery. To Go as a Home Meal Replacement is the future of foodservice, be it in a sit-down restaurant, deli, or coffee house. 

        Increasing sales from special 'to-go' menus and prepackage foods for off-site consumption is a direct extension to your regular menu, which you need to address in today's marketplace. Menu items can be anything from pre-made sandwiches displayed in a countertop cooler to 'oven-ready' clam-shell containers. Full entree preparations, of your signature entrees ready for pick-up, will add revenue and convenience for your guests. Selling 'creative solutions' in meal service requires a logistics plan for packaging the convenience of 'take out' items. When you can't fill seats during middays in your restaurant, you can prep and make retail items in a cold or hot display case. ​



        I design custom food programs to create a take-out food plan which works within your existing food operation; deli, coffee shop, or casual restaurant. Recognized, from decades in food service, I've created diverse programs from convenience stores to 'fine-casual' to increase sales in off-site catering as well as grab-n-go services. To implement a take-out program, I draw upon business resources and proven marketing skills. I help you promote your restaurant with food photos styled and presented in a way to showcase your menus. Dynamic food photos with compelling writing tell your story, encourage a returning guest, and introduce you to potential new patrons. I help you accomplish this task. 

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